its good to be back

its good to be back.


Is your face a face, or a walking profile, beautified in dazzling make-up or NOT?

Our faces are the most delicate part of our bodies, that’s why it’s very essential for one to take care of your face and skin. Well some people are blessed with good genes, so for those that are not blessed with such imperial qualities then heres tips on how we can stay flawless in this winter.

It’s very imperative that one looks after their skin in winter, our faces are faced with harsh winds daily, as soon as we step out of the house. As we get older are skins are no longer smooth or as tight as it once was. You notice from time to time that the  fat that was around the beautiful plumply cheeks disappears, your lips start to thin out, your eyes loosen into your cheeks.

Wear less make up in winter, this helps with your skin to breathe and prevents it from ageing so quickly.

Here’s 5 tips before applying Make-up.

1. Before applying and buying that make up , read the label know what ingredients are in the products.

2. Check if the product has SPF, this is not negotiable, its for your skin.

3. Check what kind of oils it contains.

4. What kind of fruits do they use, if it does contain any fruit ingredients.

5. Dermatologically tested (this is not a guarantee that it may not be harsh to your skin)

My tricks before applying make up and having that sun radiant skin glow, this is how its done. Wash your face with cold water daily before applying make and also taking it off use cold water.


Prepare milk and almond nuts over-night, then after washing your face with cold water use this mixture to wash your face before applying makeup and in the evening before going to bed.


Apply your preferred moisturiser before applying your make-up, this helps to keep your skin looking healthy and young. Some moisturisers can cause your skin to become more oily and shiny. Make sure that the you choose the right moisturiser for your skin type and that its labeled with SPF to protect you from the sun, heres a few that are affordable and are great on the skin.


The brushes are good preferably you know which ones to use when applying your foundation, after few coats the brush tends to leave un-even marks on the face and makes the face un-even.

The make-up sponge, the first coat is always the best, then the second coat tends to remove the first coat and makes it look untidy and un-even.

The best method i would use is your finger tips, this helps applying the make up perfectly. After a few applications one can wipe their hands and re apply again to avoid applying layers and layers of coats with the same hand.

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Fruits and vegetables I love using when i’m not wearing make up to keep my skin radiant and healthy are below. These are good for preparing facial masks to cleanse the face and keep the skin looking younger and  ever glowing.