how do you dress for you?

how do you dress for you?.


se7venties chic in the 21st century fashion….. winter started all we have been seeing is the seventies look coming back with a bang. this was a timeless decade of nothing but colourful bright fashion. Tight fitting wide leg trousers, bellbottoms , a-line skirts, jumpsuits, knit wear and the knee length boots.

This look is mostly worn with big chunky coats, my absolute fav.

First runner up is on our list, the A-line skirt. this skirt has comes in two hem lines, a thin hemline or a high hemline. Depending on your body shape, if you’re short and voluptuous its best you wear the thin hem line, this will suit your body preferably with tucked lace or silk shirt.
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Second runner up, the bellbottom. every year, every season this trousers have managed to stay timeless season after season. These trousers are perfect for tall women, the bellbottom gives more definition to the slim figured body. If you’ure short preferably get the ankle length bellbottoms this will give your body the illusion of being slightly tall and slim. The bellbottoms hug the waist giving your bum a natural bum lift these trousers a best worn with vests, tailor fitted shirts and pullovers.

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Third runner up, the wide leg trousers, its elegant and classy. These trousers are good for lengthening, they give the illusion of making you look like you have these beautiful long legs and a small waist. These are perfect for any occasion especially with a colourful detailed buckle belt to complete this elegant look, toping it of with painted heels.


Fourth runner up is the knit wear, my all time fav. I can wear knit wear from January till December, i think i’m gonna cry i love knit wear. I’m obsessed with knit, maybe cause i was raised by my grandmother and she clothed us in nothing but stuff she knitted for us growing up as kids.


I love pairing my knit wear with pencil skirt, or tailored fitted pants, this doesn’t clutter the your outfit, its easy on the eye, its classy, elegant, sexy and it makes an amazing silhouette, outlining every detail in body shape. Make sure to tuck in the front of the knit wear only and leave the rest hanging loose with a tailored fitted trouser. With a pencil skirt make sure the knit wear sits on the waist to outline your beautifully shaped waistline. These outfits rock with a pair of high heels in any colour preferably peep toe pumps.

Last, but no least the jumpsuit. This is one delicate outfit that needs you to pay close attention to the detail, the fabric and length. For petite people this look is fierce, its hot and elegant. If you have hips and an ass this look tends to make you feel uncomfortable. the suit tends to pull up as you walk and down and it shifts in between your thighs making it ride up your behind. Therefore in this instance rather get boyish jumpsuits these are loose and flowy, they have elastic on the waistline and on the ankles, they help sculpt your body shape.


All these looks were always paired with big chunky fitting coats in the 70’s and with matching knee length boots, short heel with a pointed toe. this look is still present to this day, have fun this winter in beautiful clothes. (


This is the perfect accessory that completes an outfit.. I can’t picture myself on a daily without any bracelets i have an entire collection.

Bracelets have a significant role they play when you put your ensemble together daily, they are the cherry on top they complete the statement.

They are the most compatible accessory with any outfit, from red carpet, to formal wear, denims, dresses and yes believe or not swim wear.


They make ones outfit stand out and look fashionbly sophisticated. The detail they bring out in an outfit is remarkable. That extra detail that makes it chunky gives your ensemble presentation. It can be worn from day to evening.

Some bracelets are for a specific occasion or a beneficial cause, you may see some people wearing colourful bracelets during a specific season, month or day. These are usually to promote a specific message.


The bracelets don’t have to be chunky, too colourful, too shiny, they need to be subtle but also at the same time they need to speak for themselves over dark colour clothing.


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The Power of A Blazer…

There’s nothing like a blazer that is so sexy and hot in winter. This is my absolute must have item for all seasons, especially in winter. Blazers have since evolved, they are just not worn for corporate purposes anymore. Today Blazers complete a look with, wearing it with anything from boyfriend jeans, joggers, pencil skirts and even short shorts.

The types of Blazers..

The Black Classic Designer Blazer 

classic blazer -www.pinterest.comblazer-aliexpress.comblazer-

pic: left to right, (, (, (

Ladies and ladies we all need a classic black blazer this goes with all and any outfit, its not only stylish but its timeless, once you go black you never go back. This blazer goes with dresses, well fitted 3 piece suit for corporate and my most favourite with boyfriend jeans this is the hottest style combo since slice bread..

The Boyfriend Blazer 

topshop-grey-marl-ponte-boyfriend-blazer-product-1-2951464-638926223 topshop-mushroom-boyfriend topshop-shawl-collar-boyfriend-blazer

pic: (

This is the one to have, i love that its over sized, even though it might be a big size for you, it still works for your combo. They are most beautifully paired with over sized boyfriend jeans and stilettos. This look has a great  transition from day to evening wear, it works either way. Its also suitable for a subtle evening out with friends to a night-club outing.

The Long Blazer

long blazer- long blazer- long blazer-

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The old school blazer is back with a street style twist to it, this look is vibrant, full of energy, its both casual and semi-casual. The long blazer is not only a corporate wear but i love how its evolved into street style wear. This look can be paired with sneakers, boots, sandals, stiletoes , brogues and pumps. Its simple but it makes a powerful fashion statement. So do best and get your winter blazer game on this winter-season.