This is the perfect accessory that completes an outfit.. I can’t picture myself on a daily without any bracelets i have an entire collection.

Bracelets have a significant role they play when you put your ensemble together daily, they are the cherry on top they complete the statement.

They are the most compatible accessory with any outfit, from red carpet, to formal wear, denims, dresses and yes believe or not swim wear.


They make ones outfit stand out and look fashionbly sophisticated. The detail they bring out in an outfit is remarkable. That extra detail that makes it chunky gives your ensemble presentation. It can be worn from day to evening.

Some bracelets are for a specific occasion or a beneficial cause, you may see some people wearing colourful bracelets during a specific season, month or day. These are usually to promote a specific message.


The bracelets don’t have to be chunky, too colourful, too shiny, they need to be subtle but also at the same time they need to speak for themselves over dark colour clothing.


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i like my money right where i can see it…on my feet – “krystle bondello”

shoes… shoes… shoessss!!

They say that money makes the world go round, i say that shoes make the world go round. With winter being here, all I’ve been seeing is a lot of impressive shoe porn vs shoe game. Which shoes are approiate for winter? Really that shouldnt  even be a question all shoes are as good for any season..

Which kind of shoe lover are you, when it comes to pumps?

Classic Black Pump – Flax Pumps 

Every woman needs these pumps, they are the ultimate classic heel to have, they are best suited with everything in your closet. They work perfectly from daytime to evening everything. These scream i’m confident, i’m sexy, i’m playful and bold. They represent history in the fashion world, so they are a good pair to invest in they never go out of style.

sergio rossi

Sergio Rossi Pump (

Peep Toe Fall Hard Pumps

If ure not into very high heels these are the perfect pair for your delicate feet. Not to high, these are cute and adorable preferably worn with knee length dresses, mini skirts and short jumpsuits. They are great for exposing those sexy legs of yours under your long winter coat. These suggest that sure on your way to climbing the stiletto ladder from a 5 inch to a 10 inch stiletto in the near season to come.


Nine West (

Just-Joshin Pumps

These are a teaser they are a sexy pair of shoes to have for all seasons. They are comfortable, stylish and durable pumps in an open toe design, preferably paired with bootleg jeans, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans that are ankle length, maxi dresses and nothing like a perfect tailered pencil suit for those meetings.

nine west just joshin

Nine West (

The Hollyce Pumps

The Hollyce very old school, still relevant today in fashion and style. They are simple, they are functional to an outfit. These pumps are calm the are tailored for comfortability not so much for glam and spunk. The Hollyce makes a good combination with chino’s, skinny pants and jeans, knee length dresses and pencil skirts, these are strictly corporate shoes.

nine west hollyce- polyvore

Nine West (

The Kaboose Pumps

I think Hollywood when i see  these pumps. Every celebrity in Hollywood owns a pair of these famous pumps. The are the sexy, glamorous , alluring and fascinating. I love how they make women feel when they have a pair on. Flirty and sexy. I myself  own a few pair of these, they are comfortable, easy to walk and dance in. When i wear these i can just about keep them on the whole day, the help lift your bum, so its also a good exercise to rock them on a daily. They match any outfit, these are like hey to a bee in your closet, your outfits can not survive without these pumps, they are a need in on’s life. In some studies 60%of these pumps are worn by strippers, why? they help with a natural bum lift that cost you nothing and they shape your calf muscles too.

kaboose pump-

Nine West (