This is the perfect accessory that completes an outfit.. I can’t picture myself on a daily without any bracelets i have an entire collection.

Bracelets have a significant role they play when you put your ensemble together daily, they are the cherry on top they complete the statement.

They are the most compatible accessory with any outfit, from red carpet, to formal wear, denims, dresses and yes believe or not swim wear.


They make ones outfit stand out and look fashionbly sophisticated. The detail they bring out in an outfit is remarkable. That extra detail that makes it chunky gives your ensemble presentation. It can be worn from day to evening.

Some bracelets are for a specific occasion or a beneficial cause, you may see some people wearing colourful bracelets during a specific season, month or day. These are usually to promote a specific message.


The bracelets don’t have to be chunky, too colourful, too shiny, they need to be subtle but also at the same time they need to speak for themselves over dark colour clothing.


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lingerie? under or On top…? take it off or leave it On???!!


Looking good and feeling good doesn’t mean just wearing clothes only….or does it. I love feeling good in every way not just in my favourite clothes, but in my best lingerie as well.

Feeling sexy doesn’t mean wearing the best fashionable ensemble. Before i put my ensemble of what i want to wear for the day, my preparation starts with my sexy lingerie which helps me plan my outfit better. Yes, matching bra and panties that is, ladies.

lingerie -


It depends on the mood that i wake up in, which will determine what kind of lingerie i’ll be wearing that day. If its a chilly day i love waking up and wearing cotton lingerie, this prepares me for the chilly weather, but it also helps me to be creative in my outfit for the day. Matching bum shorts and bra would be my option for a chilly day. They make a good fit to be worn with a boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazer, crop top accompanied by sneakers.

matchy- matchy-

pic: (,(www.wheretoget.itcom),(

If its a hot day, a beautiful corset lingerie, of course that lifts the busts more. This allows you to wear those tight fitting dresses and make you feel like you’re walking on a ramp all day long.

corset lingerie - bonang for distraction corset lingerie

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Ladies, if you’re going to wear a tight dress and light in colour, please under no circumstances wear a full panty that has a lot of prints going on and the bra too. White dresses, all white dresses please wear a beautiful seamless tong or seamless panties preferably black. There’s nothing like a beautiful women looking spectacular in her fashionable wear, then being robbed of her moment because of the in correct lingerie…nope not in my zone you don’t.

white dress mal-

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And you wonder why you went out last night, looking smoking hot and no women or men hit on you? Girl you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. If you’re going to wear dark colour clothing its ok to go crazy with your lingerie, wear a black bra with orange panties its okay its only for your eyes only..hehe!

We have certainly evolved when it comes to lingerie, its not only an under garment now, we wear our lingerie like tops now. Its become an extension of our fashion outfits. Here’s a few ideas on how one can copy this look, please be mindful that it’s not going to suit everybody, body type or skin tone.

Bustier- top-

pic: (,(,(

My opinion is be inspired from how you look on the inside from your lingerie right through to your fashionable ensemble. Have you ever noticed a woman in sexy lingerie and how she walks when she’s wearing that lingerie? Well take note ,its not just her ensemble but she knows that her secret is boosted from the lingerie which carries through to her outfit that makes it a smashing hit in the office.. hence all the guys hitting on her everyday, check!!

Then look at a woman who is wearing “tight everything”. They walk slow, wear fatigue on their faces cause the lingerie is too tight, they look nervous, uncomfortable, they are worried if people can see their under wear or is the bra strap sticking out on the side of their clothes. This has nothing to do with having a great body, its the lingerie you wear it tells us a bit about yourself and the clothes you like.

underwear gone wrong-

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For the life of me, ladies lets stop wearing a strap-bra with boob tube dresses, open back dresses, halter necks and crop tops. Lets invest in strapless bra’s, lets say it makes sense and it looks neater..thank you Kim.

back- flickriver.comback-

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When putting your fashionable outfit from now on think about the lingerie it will match with, which will make you noticeable in your walk and your ensemble as well, try it and see how many hello’s you collect in a day or evening.

great look-